photographer / filmmaker / music enthusiast / creative director

My name is Douglas Condzo, and I am an independent self-taught visual artist from Mozambique, currently based in Lisbon. My work spans across various creative fields, including documentary, journalism, fashion, and music. My artistic style is heavily influenced by African and Mozambican culture, as well as Afrofuturism.

I was born and raised in Mozambique, a country with a rich cultural heritage and a turbulent history. Growing up, I was surrounded by art and creativity, which inspired me to pursue a career in the arts. However, the path to becoming an artist was not a straightforward one for me.

Unlike many artists who have had formal training in art schools, I am self-taught. I did not have access to formal art education, but I was determined to pursue my passion for visual storytelling. I started by experimenting with different mediums and techniques, learning as much as I could from books and online resources.

One of my early influences was the Mozambican artist Malangatana Ngwenya, whose bold and colorful paintings captured the spirit of the country’s struggle for independence. I was also inspired by the work of international artists such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Thomas Struth, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Despite the challenges I have faced as a self-taught artist, I have been fortunate to have my work recognized both locally and internationally. I have exhibited my work in solo and group exhibitions in Mozambique and South Africa, and my work has been featured in some publications and online platforms.

As an artist, I am deeply committed to promoting African art and culture on a global scale. I believe that art has the power to transcend borders and bring people together, and I am passionate about using my creativity to inspire social change and promote cross-cultural understanding.

My work as an independent self-taught visual artist is characterized by a deep appreciation for African and Mozambican culture, as well as a commitment to social justice and artistic innovation. I am dedicated to using my art to promote cultural diversity and inspire positive change in the world.