Team Amani

In 2022, I was incredibly fortunate to collaborate with the exceptional creative agency Droga5 and esteemed production company Love Song on an extraordinary commissioned project: their visionary virtual reality creation, ‘Amani’.

Within this mesmerizing production, I had the honor of assuming the role of the set photographer, employing my storytelling, documentary, and conceptual skills to craft powerful and evocative images.

The spot brilliantly incorporates prototypes and representations of future technologies, resulting from insightful dialogues with Meta. Together, we painted a compelling picture of a future where VR, AR, and metaverse advancements seamlessly merge, ushering in fully immersive sporting experiences for athletes and spectators, all without the need to physically travel.

It was an incredible journey, where creativity, innovation, and imagination converged, and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to contribute my photographic expertise to this captivating project.

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